Who We Are

We are a small marketing firm based in Orange County, California that works exclusively with nonprofit organizations. We bring together marketing, technology and graphic design to help you develop a comprehensive brand that encompasses both web and print strategies and allows you to attract and keep the supporters your nonprofit needs.

Our Philosophy

We believe in nonprofits and their ability to fill huge needs in our communities with compassion, dedication, and a sincere drive to just help people. We love that and we have that same compassion and dedication (and desire to help) that shows through our work as we support their missions.

We also believe that a nonprofit’s brand (and brand messages and communications) has a huge impact on their ability to raise funds and sustain a healthy donor base. The logo and brand sets the tone for everything else.

We believe that your website is the focal point of a great marketing and development strategy and that visual content marketing is the most effective way to draw people to your website, engage them and convert them to loyal supporters. To us, an unattractive website is the equivalent of having your receptionist at the front desk wearing old worn jeans with holes in them.

We believe that details are important in marketing and that mastering the small stuff is important before venturing into the latest and greatest, and that core marketing and development activities should not be relegated to volunteers. We are big believers in nonprofits having complete control and full ownership of their marketing assets, especially their websites, with full access through content management systems hosted by well-known service providers in accounts 100% owned by the nonprofit.

Celebrating 10 Years

Julie Damon started E-Nomad Enterprises in 2007 after successfully starting and growing a nonprofit organization called the Seed Institute for over 8 years.

The Seed Institute worked with the State Department of Rehabilitation to help identify and assist people with disabilities that may be appropriate for self-employment outcomes, creating a custom curriculum and training program for both entrepreneurs  and vocational rehabilitation professionals.

The training focused on matching appropriate business ideas with the skills and abilities of the client, developing a business plan that could be used to obtain startup funds, and the basics of starting and running a business.

In 2005, Seed Institute merged with a larger private foundation that focused on assisting inventors with disabilities and inventors developing disability products; after staying long enough to develop and set up the new program, Julie set out on her own to help nonprofit organizations with their online marketing and website development through E-Nomad Enterprises.

With a rebranding in 2011, Branded4Good was born.

Now we are excited to be celebrating 10 years of helping nonprofits with their branding & identity, planning & communications, and website development needs!

Who We Serve

We work exclusively with nonprofit organizations, the majority of which are in Orange County, CA although we frequently work with nonprofits in other parts of California and other states as well. Most of our clients are social service agencies or membership organizations with annual budgets ranging anywhere from $100,000 to $10 million. We have a special fondness for disability-related organizations but have experience working with a wide variety of nonprofits!

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