Curriculum for S.O.D

Course Outline

The SOD is a four course school curriculum

The training curriculum is divided into three training courses, and a fourth being the session for the students’ project and graduation.


At the end of the SOD you will:

  • Be spiritually revived.
  • Learn how to sustain a fiery walk with God.
  • Know your purpose in life.
  • Know how to go about fulfilling your purpose in life.
  • Learn how to be a vessel fit for the master`s use.
  • Know your authority, rights and privileges in Christ, and learn how to use it.
  • Learn the basic principles of effective prayers & studying of God`s word.
  • Learn how to communicate your faith.

What to expect (weekly):

  • A new module from the session is introduced
  • You receive the course outline for the week`s class
  • You receive video classes for the week’s class
  • You receive the e-book(s) for the week
  • You receive a summary test and /or assignment for the week’s class

Benefits of Attending:

  • Access to intense mentorship from anywhere in the world through our highly interactive technology platform
  • Access to personal time with our mentor, Oyiks Alfred.
  • Make significant spiritual advancement and grow deeper in your walk with God.
  • Your Christian life will not be fallow as there will be engaging spiritual work to keep you inspired, motivated and hungry for more of God.
  • Have access to a rich repertoire of spiritual resources.
  • Send in questions and get answers directly from the mentor.
  • Interact with other class participants and grow your personal circle of spiritual friends.

Who Should Register?

  • Anyone with a desire to go deeper with God.
  • Anyone who desires to serve God acceptably
  • Anyone who is confused about his purpose or assignment in life, but wants to discover and fulfil it.
  • Anyone who wants to understand the fundamental doctrines of Christ.
  • Anyone who wants to live a life that pleases God.

How to Register?

  • Pay the course registration fee
  • Send us an email with proof of payment
  • You will receive a confirmation of payment and registration details
  • Upon completion of registration, you will receive your course log in details
  • Once you log in, you will have access to the program