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Your nonprofit’s website will be seen by more people more often any other marketing piece you produce.

And this particular marketing piece is also far more complex than your average brochure or event invitation. There is an art and a science to it, to get visitors to come to your site and stay there long enough to engage with you in some way – preferably through your donation page.

There are a million reasons why a website visitor will get to your website and then turn right around, a million potential obstacles that you likely don’t even recognize as obstacles – obstacles to finding the information they need (and want) to engage with your nonprofit.

Your Nonprofit Website’s Secret Weaponminiaudit

Think of it as a secret shopper for your website, because the best way to evaluate if your front office (your website) is working well is to have a third party do a thorough walk-through of your site from your constituent’s perspective.

We go through your site from the perspective of a volunteer, a donor, and a program participant (with additional requirements set by you) identifying all potential problem areas and opportunities.

The resulting report will be instrumental in helping you:

identify a course of action for an upcoming website redesign


act as a guide for your current webmaster and web development projects.


Our Website Audit Will Also Help You

1. Streamline your online fundraising process – we evaluate your content and the donation process to determine what improvements can be made to increase online donations including credibility & transparency, donor support materials and the donation form & process

2. Get your message across - we evaluate branding, design & layout, copy writing, content, and social media integration to ensure that it reflects your overall brand message and mission.

3. Increase traffic to your site – We evaluate traditional search engine optimization (including recommendations for keywords to use), traffic patterns, website usability and search engine rankings to identify any potential barriers.

4. Identify opportunities – we evaluate the site for any potential missed opportunities to further engage your key constituents and increase conversion rates (turning visitors into supporters), paying particular attention to content marketing.


Audit Pricing

Mini Audit: $395 includes an emailed survey to help us identify your site goals and objectives and completion of 1,2 and 4 above as well as a written report. We will score your site based on 50 different criteria. Our staff thoroughly evaluates your site by hand – there is no automated process – we give you direct feedback custom to YOUR site.  The report will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

Full Audit: $895 includes initial consultation & audit questionnaire to identify your site goals and objectives and learn more about your organization, the website audit focusing on all the areas above (1-4) and a full written report with custom video screencast.that visually shows our recommendations while going through your website. We will score your site based on 75 different criteria. Report will be completed within 1 week.

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Email Julie Damon at or call 949-551-6121 with any questions you may have. You can also order directly below. After you order, you will receive our questionnaire to get started with the process.

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