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postheadericon 8 Reasons Nonprofits Should Ignore the Millennial Hoo-Hah

Let’s be clear right from the start – I’m not saying we should ignore the Millennials, I’m saying ignore the hoo-hah.  If you are not sure what hoo-hah means (and I’m not talking about any meaning you would find in an urban slang dictionary!), READ MORE

postheadericon Creating The Perfect Welcome Email for Your Nonprofit

Sign Me Up

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of great stuff about creating an email welcome series. Which I think is a GREAT idea. But it got me wondering how many nonprofits even have ONE great welcome email let alone a SERIES. So I cruised 100 larger well-known nonprofit’s websites and signed up to be on their email lists. READ MORE

postheadericon 15 Fun Things To Make Your Nonprofit’s Home Page Stand Out

1.           A Donate Now button that says Thank You when you roll over it – off to the side, not on the actual button. How cool is that? READ MORE

postheadericon 5 Key Factors for a Successful Nonprofit Engagement Plan

Three things lodged in my brain from a recent AFP Orange County luncheon meeting that featured 2 high profile donors telling their stories. One was Joann Leatherby’s story about breaking into someone’s house to steal a gun (to help a battered woman), the second was the statement (confirmed by both) READ MORE

postheadericon The Perfect Place for Your Donate Now Button

Where in the World

When you’re developing your nonprofit website, the big question is often WHERE do we place the Donate Now button? Should we have it on the page more than once?  How big can we possibly make it? READ MORE

postheadericon 7 Nonprofits Taking Advantage of Special National Holidays in their Marketing

Chasing Events

When 9/11 came up, there was some discussion about how appropriate it was for a nonprofit to acknowledge the date and how far they should go in trying to capitalize on the READ MORE

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