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postheadericon 10 Things You Can Do to Create a More Effective Nonprofit Annual Report

Make it an Impact Report

It’s not about reporting your financials or your donor list, it’s about showing the impact your nonprofit has had on the world around you, even if it’s a small world. I love this trend, as we see Impact Reports replacing Annual Reports, READ MORE

postheadericon 12 Nonprofits Putting Infographics to Good Use

Since everyone is so in love with infographics (myself included), I decided to categorize the various types last week to show that you don’t have to just create one around a research report and that nonprofits can create the exact same types of infographics that for-profits are creating. READ MORE

postheadericon 8 Types of Infographics and How Nonprofits Can Use Them

Infographics are the New Fact Sheets

Share and Share Alike
The business world has gone infographic crazy and we’ve become so enthralled with viewing them. I personally like checking them out from a design perspective and admiring how READ MORE

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