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People are complaining about it being too easy for cheaters to circumvent Pepsi contest rules and that Pepsi is not doing enough about it. Check out this article from the New York Times:
New Charges of Cheating Tarnish Pepsi Fund-Raising Contest for Nonprofits

Here’s an additional post from Advertising Age that talks that about the cheating allegations and some additional background into the contest.

Other interesting commentary on the Pepsi Refresh contest over the past year:
Why I Stopped Asking You to Vote for NeighborGoods in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge

In Pepsi Refresh Project, the popular often overshadows the commendable

Try again, Pepsi Refresh Project tells Safety Harbor artists hoping to build museum

‘Pepsi Refresh’ Is Not PepsiCo’s True Corporate Social Responsibility Effort

Pepsi Refresh Project: What a Rocky, Strange Trip It’s Been

and just so we can have some positive associations with Pepsi – an old Pepsi commercial with Jimmy Fallon -

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