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postheadericon 15 Fun Things To Make Your Nonprofit’s Home Page Stand Out

1.           A Donate Now button that says Thank You when you roll over it – off to the side, not on the actual button. How cool is that? READ MORE

postheadericon 8 Ways Nonprofits Can Show Their Impact

Create a whole Impact section on your website

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer has a great page that showcases how much money was raised, an interactive map to see specifically where the money goes – grants given out – and the ability to see more details about those grants. Storytelling is great but don’t underestimate the power of straight up facts (presented nicely of course). READ MORE

postheadericon 7 Nonprofits Taking Advantage of Special National Holidays in their Marketing

Chasing Events

When 9/11 came up, there was some discussion about how appropriate it was for a nonprofit to acknowledge the date and how far they should go in trying to capitalize on the READ MORE

postheadericon WWF, African Wild Dogs, and Great Content Marketing

I was just cruising through WWF’s website and saw this Find Your Inner Animal button at the bottom and thought THAT might be interesting to try. It required my email address to get started – no other info needed so it was no big deal to enter it in and they even warned me that by entering in the address I would be signing up for their enewsletter. Brilliant! READ MORE

postheadericon Website Modal Boxes are GREAT for Nonprofit Campaigns

My Favorite

The Perfect Pop-up
I love pop-ups – to quote Buddy the Elf, they’re my favorite. Not the old kind of popups that would annoyingly pop up on your screen in the middle of something you were avidly READ MORE

postheadericon Photos Rule in Content Marketing for Your Nonprofit

We’ve become so cavalier about photos. Back in my day, you had to buy this thing called FILM for all cameras and it was not cheap to buy the film and get the roll developed. We took photography seriously for the most part, although I admit I may have taken a roll or 2 of nothing but my cat. READ MORE

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