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postheadericon When Nonprofits Give out a “Don’t Contact Me” Message

Engagement is a buzzword I hear bandied about regularly in the nonprofit world. But before we talk about getting people to interact with your nonprofit through social media, your website content, your blog or any other method, let’s address your contact page and how hard or easy it is to actually contact you. READ MORE

postheadericon 8 Slideshow Tips For Your Nonprofit Website

Coordinate your first slide to your website colors and have the slideshow land on that slide (and stop) when the slideshow is done. Matching your main slide to your website design really makes sense when you think about it. You’ve spent all this time designing your website just to slap up a giant photo that doesn’t match? I don’t think so. READ MORE

postheadericon The Perfect Place for Your Donate Now Button

Where in the World

When you’re developing your nonprofit website, the big question is often WHERE do we place the Donate Now button? Should we have it on the page more than once?  How big can we possibly make it? READ MORE

postheadericon Why I Really Dislike Website Content Management Systems for Smaller Nonprofits

The Odds

It seems like almost everyone wants a content management system for their website, which makes me a little bit sad because I know that there is a 75% chance that within one year that beautiful new site will look very similar to their READ MORE

postheadericon Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Color For Your Nonprofit Website

Color and branding go hand in hand because color can evoke such powerful feelings in people, and if you’re really focusing on your brand you have the opportunity to sway, guide or move people just by the colors you use and the way you use them. READ MORE

postheadericon Convincing Leadership That Your Nonprofit Website is Top Priority


I was reminded this morning of an analogy I used to use all the time to explain the importance of a nonprofit website; sometimes to other marketers and development people READ MORE

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