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postheadericon 15 Tips for Taking Great Nonprofit Event Photos

The way people take photos drives me crazy. Mostly because I have to sift through a lot of junk to find anything usable for the client’s website or marketing materials. And I’m perfectly okay with someone going click-crazy at the event as long as that someone thinks to EDIT what the public sees. READ MORE

postheadericon Is your nonprofit ready for an event microsite?

More Benefits Please

I recently had someone ask me if I could provide more details about why a separate event site is beneficial. I had covered the essentials here: A Class of Its Own – The Benefits of a Separate Event Website , but definitely have some additional tips: READ MORE

postheadericon 10 Special Event Fundraisers That Stand Out From the Crowd

I always find it interesting to find out what other nonprofits are doing for their annual events. I’m especially curious to see how others are making their events unique because doing the same old thing just won’t work as well in this economy. READ MORE

postheadericon Special Event Action Plan: Part Seven – Targeting Your Messages

It’s like Jeff Shuck, President/CEO of Event 360 said at the Nonprofit Technology Conference last month -if we don’t deliver messages targeted specifically to that audience we are essentially saying that “we’re just not that into you”. And who would want to attend an event if the event READ MORE

postheadericon Special Event Action Plan: Part Six – Targeting Your Audience

Willy Nilly Marketing

In the old days, Willy Nilly Marketing (a technical term I use often – interchangeably with Scattershot Marketing – READ MORE

postheadericon Special Event Action Plan: Part 5 – Setting Goals & Objectives

Goals vs. Strategies vs. Objectives vs. Tactics

Goals are things you want to achieve stated in broader terms – for events I like to have the overall monetary goal READ MORE

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