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postheadericon 8 Reasons Nonprofits Should Ignore the Millennial Hoo-Hah

Let’s be clear right from the start – I’m not saying we should ignore the Millennials, I’m saying ignore the hoo-hah.  If you are not sure what hoo-hah means (and I’m not talking about any meaning you would find in an urban slang dictionary!), READ MORE

postheadericon 8 Ways Nonprofits Can Show Their Impact

Create a whole Impact section on your website

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer has a great page that showcases how much money was raised, an interactive map to see specifically where the money goes – grants given out – and the ability to see more details about those grants. Storytelling is great but don’t underestimate the power of straight up facts (presented nicely of course). READ MORE

postheadericon The Love and Hate World of Marketing & Technology in 2012

LOVE Pinterest for launching business accounts for brands – within 30 days of converting my Branded4Good account and client accounts to the new Pinterest business accounts, we all saw our followers increase by 30-40% – and, by the way, we didn’t really do very many updates during that 30 days…(check out all of our great stuff on Pinterest) READ MORE

postheadericon Nonprofit Marketing – It’s not about you anymore

I was just reading Nancy Schwartz’ post A Nonprofit Marketing Don’t – “Our Organization Needs Your Input”what really struck a chord with me is her statement “it isn’t about you and your organization.”


postheadericon Nonprofit Marketing By the Seat of Your Pants

5 signs you have a problem
1. You had an event that was co-sponsored with partners and you figured since they were sending out press releases, that you didn’t need to, but were surprised when your organization did NOT get mentioned.. READ MORE

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