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postheadericon 8 Reasons Nonprofits Should Ignore the Millennial Hoo-Hah

Let’s be clear right from the start – I’m not saying we should ignore the Millennials, I’m saying ignore the hoo-hah.  If you are not sure what hoo-hah means (and I’m not talking about any meaning you would find in an urban slang dictionary!), READ MORE

postheadericon Confessions of a Nonprofit Founder who had Founder’s Syndrome


I just read an article about Founder’s Syndrome in the Nonprofit Quarterly that I found really puzzling. The author appears to be attempting to show that Founders’ Syndrome is often misdiagnosed or over-diagnosed and that those misdiagnoses can cover up other underlying problems, presumably unrelated to the founder. READ MORE

postheadericon On Nonprofit Boards and Mergers

My Bad?

I’m not anti-board or anything, but it really seems like people look at the board last when a nonprofit is struggling – and self-evaluation isn’t really an easy thing. It would be really hard to say – OOPS – I think I might be the problem; or even for an executive director to say to their board OOPS – it looks like YOU might be the problem. READ MORE

postheadericon How Your Nonprofit Board Impacts Your Marketing Efforts

You Against the World

I recently had someone ask me how to deal with “hate” mail they were receiving because of the sensitive topic their nonprofit addressed and as I went through their site, it was full of “my husband and I…” (they had founded the nonprofit). READ MORE

postheadericon The Nonprofit Sub-Par Management Debate

The Parties Involved

I’ve just touched upon an interesting topic that I feel compelled to dive into – about nonprofits having sub-par management. It started with a research paper that said YES, they do have sub-par management, and that led to an outraged READ MORE

postheadericon Manage Your Projects Better!!!

Staff Turnover
I meet regularly with other consultants in the nonprofit world, and a topic that often comes up is staff turnover at the nonprofits that we work with and the amount of time and energy it takes on OUR end to get the new staff up to speed.


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