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postheadericon 12 Ways to Make Your Nonprofit’s Monthly Giving Program Stand Out

1.           Make your monthly giving program as prominent as your other donation options. READ MORE

postheadericon 5 Key Factors for a Successful Nonprofit Engagement Plan

Three things lodged in my brain from a recent AFP Orange County luncheon meeting that featured 2 high profile donors telling their stories. One was Joann Leatherby’s story about breaking into someone’s house to steal a gun (to help a battered woman), the second was the statement (confirmed by both) READ MORE

postheadericon 10 Things You Can Do to Create a More Effective Nonprofit Annual Report

Make it an Impact Report

It’s not about reporting your financials or your donor list, it’s about showing the impact your nonprofit has had on the world around you, even if it’s a small world. I love this trend, as we see Impact Reports replacing Annual Reports, READ MORE

postheadericon The Perfect Place for Your Donate Now Button

Where in the World

When you’re developing your nonprofit website, the big question is often WHERE do we place the Donate Now button? Should we have it on the page more than once?  How big can we possibly make it? READ MORE

postheadericon 3 Ways Nonprofits Can Work with Their Business Supporters To Promote Their Causes

Cause Marketing

I’m always reading about these complex cause marketing campaigns that involve large corporations donating a percentage of sales of specific products to selected nonprofits. There are often separate microsites for the campaign, READ MORE

postheadericon What I Would Like to See in a Great Online Giving Program

Irresponsible Reporting

Last week I blogged about Blackbaud’s 2011 Multichannel Fundraising Report that was trying to scare nonprofits into pushing their online donors offline – stating that online donors only had long-term value when they were moved READ MORE

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