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postheadericon Creating The Perfect Welcome Email for Your Nonprofit

Sign Me Up

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of great stuff about creating an email welcome series. Which I think is a GREAT idea. But it got me wondering how many nonprofits even have ONE great welcome email let alone a SERIES. So I cruised 100 larger well-known nonprofit’s websites and signed up to be on their email lists. READ MORE

postheadericon Integrating Your Nonprofit Enewsletter with Your Website

The Missing Links

A lot of nonprofits create what I call free-standing enewsletters; they just lay the news out, occasionally including links but not always back to their own website or social media pages. READ MORE

postheadericon 10 Good Reasons to Use an Email Service Provider like Constant Contact

Reason One

Your emails are more likely to NOT end up in a spam folder. Email companies have superpowers (or at least some kind of special arrangements) and are able to send out READ MORE

postheadericon Build Your Email List – Build Your Community

1. Send out a postcard to your entire mailing list asking them up update their contact info so you can obtain email addresses that you don’t already have;


postheadericon Enews Etiquette – Dos and Donts for a great enewsletter

1. DON’T Make your enewsletter wider than 600 pixels - otherwise it may be too big for people to view in their email program without having to scroll left and right and it will chop off part of your message:


postheadericon The Email Gods Made Me Do It

Email Etiquette Reminders
I’m not the queen of etiquette by any stretch of the imagination; I tend to speak my mind without always running my thoughts through a filter or if I’m super-busy my communications turn very matter-of-fact..

and can come across as rude. So this entry is just as much about reminding me, as much as anything. This whole topic is actually prompted by emailing a colleague, who had expressed an interest in talking to me through another colleague.

When I emailed her, I received an autoresponder stating that the email recipient receives too much spam and that she no longer accepts emails from people not on “œthe list”; the autoresponder then states that it “œapologizes for the inconvenience” but could I please fill out a form identifying myself and my purpose. EXCUSE ME? Does this not sound exactly like “œI am a VERY important person; you must APPLY for the privilege of corresponding with me by email. If I deem you worthy, I will let you know.”??? Some additional thoughts:


I get about 6 spam emails per day

    . Why? Because I have spam filters that I activate through my various email service providers and through outlook – I am also careful about what forms I fill out online that require my email address.2.

It’s not a huge effort on my part to check the spam folders

    each month in the web-based email applications and to check daily in my Outlook spam folder; it sure beats missing out on communicating with people who just don’t want to “œapply” to communicate with me. I’ve even had some great company solicitations that I couldn’t really say if I was technically on their email list but I hired them and loved their work!!

3. I also have extra code within my website to protect my email address – it’s not hard to have your IT person do this for you.


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