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postheadericon The 5 Biggest Branding Problems with Nonprofit Websites

1. Your website looks homegrown. If you are actually trying to look homegrown, ignore this one. Chances are, you’d rather look professional and attract professionals to donate so anything that is contrary to that image you want to portray needs to go – READ MORE

postheadericon 10 DIY Fixes to Update Your Nonprofit Logo

Baby Steps

Logos can be a sticky topic with nonprofits because lots of founders and long-time nonprofit leaders can get a little bit attached to them, not just because they were possibly involved with creating the logo but also because the READ MORE

postheadericon The 6 Biggest Issues with Nonprofit Acronyms

1. The acronym could actually spell a word and confuse people. This slide, on the main page of the Independent Sector’s website, just makes it look like they have serious issues with grammar. And really, is “Independent Sector” too long to spell out? READ MORE

postheadericon Overbranding and Overthinking Your Style Guide

Branding as the “B” Word

I was talking to someone recently who was complaining about how they have so many restrictions now on how they can create materials for their department and even on how READ MORE

postheadericon Logo Style Guide – Making Sure Your Nonprofit Logo Always Looks Good

Logos in small spaces

1. Make sure your logo looks good small. This may sound obvious but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a logo that looked good big and then suddenly looked strange READ MORE

postheadericon Susan G. Komen: Sold to the Highest Bidder?

The Business ConundrumThere has been a lot of talk amongst nonprofit professionals over the years about whether or not nonprofits should be more like businesses, and I’ve always sided with the “act more like a business” crew. READ MORE

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