15 Fun Things To Make Your Nonprofit’s Home Page Stand Out

15 Fun Things To Make Your Nonprofit’s Home Page Stand Out

1.           A Donate Now button that says Thank You when you roll over it – off to the side, not on the actual button. How cool is that?


2.           Small animated elements. I don’t normally approve of cutesy animation on websites – but I LOVE this one. It’s a very small part of the overall page so it’s not distracting to visitors, it only makes noise when you roll over it, and it doesn’t look cheesy. Okay – maybe slightly cheesy – but I can’t help but roll over it again even though it’s scaring the hell out of my cat.


3.           Statistics that stand out with interesting fonts and layout – in this example they also pulled that same font treatment and statistics into a subtler version for their site background.


4.           Interactive client stories that are visually appealing – in this example they have large thumbnail photos of students that serve as their primary visual element on the page – but when you hover over one, you get info about the student and links to find out more!


5.           Rollover action – whether it’s a color change, a slight jump of the graphic or a bird popping up any time some gets near your twitter feed, a little bit of action makes the front page more interesting.


6.           Overlapping stuff – having something layered over something else gives depth to the page and draws your visitor’s eyes to it.



7.           Photos for all your news items – It’s far more fun to read news if we’ve got lots of pictures to look at – it draws us in.


 8.           Anything supersized – take an element on the page and over-dramatize it like the slideshow arrows in this example!


9.           Small graphics – you used to see all kinds of icons on website before, now icons have grown up, jumped out of their little boxes and just look better. Make sure they are high quality drawings (not cheesy clipart) and coordinate will together and with the rest of your site.


10.        Your own banner ads promoting a program or campaign – I love creating an overall look for a campaign and then pulling that design/layout/message a little bit differently into an email header, Facebook cover, other social media posts, and then square and banner ads for your site or other people’s sites.


11.        Surveys that will really make a difference – people still love giving their opinions, especially when it really feels like they have an opportunity to “shape the future” of your organization! And if you don’t know how much I love pop-ups – check out this article:


12.        Integrated social media feeds are great on your main page – I love this space-saving functionality that allows visitors to tab through multiple social media streams to check out the latest news for your org all in one spot –


13.        Belief statements – tell visitors what you believe – BIG and LOUD.


14.        Goal trackers – show visitors what the goal is – as long as it’s not the usual boring thermometer; I love seeing how far along you are with a goal and it can motivate people to take immediate action.


15.        Quotes – consumer quotes are great! Especially on the front page – but don’t overwhelm visitors with a bunch – zoom in on one!


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